Yoga—-it’s like Yogurt, you learn to like it

So, I was needing another way to get my body more flexible and to ease tension (aka from stress etc). I tend to think and work alot and needed to find something to ‘smooth the edges’. One of my regular clients recommended Rodney Yee, a yoga master-type-guy who apparently has been around for years and has an awesome-easy-to-follow-routine—on DVD! Im not a big joiner of classes, so the DVD route seemed like a possibility. Luckily, I found him in Costco, put it away in a ‘safe place’ —3 months ago. I finally found my secret place (we are not talking about anatomy btw). SO FINALLY, Im trying out good ole Rodney and see if my client was telling me the truth (see, I can learn from my clients as well :) …I also heard from another client about how good he is. So Im giving him a try! I first tried the A.M. session the other day, and surprisingly there wasnt any weird put-your-ankle-over-your-head-and-thru-your-knees type movements. These ones seemed very practical and fairly user friendly! It made me realize how much (or how little) flexibility I have and also how I would be able to improve. I tried then the P.M. session and to my dismay, it wasnt Rodney, but a gal who could probably put-her-ankle-over-her-head-and-thru-her-knees—fortunately she didnt make me do that (whew!)….The PM session was a little more challenging, it’s supposed to ‘wind you down’ from the day but since you should be limbered up from the day the moves are a smidge more intense—but there is potential! Anyway, I highly recommend anyone to start a relaxation-body-stretching type routine to help with stress and improve your body’s general state of health and movement. Thanks to my clients who ARE yoga enthusiasts, they have finally rubbed off on me. Hmmm. Pardon the pun! ~  BMTW