Wow. I am that much more of a believer in the benefits of massage (if that’s possible lol). I am currently taking a part-time course at Case Western University and they were discussing the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic system of the human body. The parasympathetic system is the part that ‘calms and allows your body to recover including your immune system. The sympathetic system kicks in when you are under stress (fight or flight) and that suppresses your immune system (not to mention hundreds of other ill-effects). So if you are under constant stress (job, traffic, weather, finances, family stresses), your body is under much strain and illnesses are waiting to knock at your door. This is the EXCITING PART —just having a massage alone engages the ‘parasympathetic’ system and allows your body a chance to recover. If you receive massages you already notice the difference in how you feel in only that one hour. It feels like waking up from a good rest. I highly encourage anyone to have massages regularly. That one change alone could help your health. SO many people have group benefits and they should be utilitzing them, —- Im a believer!