What is cupping therapy?
Cupping is the use of various cupping instruments to apply suction to the body tissues. This creates stretching while stimulating lymph and blood circulation to the underlying musculature and tissues including fascia. Because of the depth of its effect, cupping is among the best deep tissue myo-fascial therapies available.
Cupping draws out old blood, cellular debris and other wastes from areas of injury and stagnation.

What is its affects?

  • Heals tissues by bringing increased circulation and oxygen to enhance collagen production and tissue repair
  • Excellent for clients who cannot tolerate deep tissue massage but need deep tissue treatment
  • Detoxification of the lymphatic system, and organ systems
  • Relaxes the body to aid stress reduction and healing
  • cupping effects last longer than conventional massage due to the deep release that is obtained and the release of toxicity in stagnant tissues.

Stimulates the blood flow to rejuvenate skin, aiding in cellulite and edema reduction and skin toning/strengthening.

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